Monday, May 22, 2006

Accessibility on Windows, MAC and LINUX

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Even though you have difficulty with vision, hearing or mobility the computer and internet are still open to you. Accessibility is an important issue that many of the operating systems are taking seriously like Windows, Mac OSx and even Linux. Here are some starting points where you can make your computer easier to use.

Windows XP:
Windows XP has 2 places where you can configure your computer for accessibility.
  • Start/All Programs/Accessories/Accessibility: Here you will find an accessibility wizard along with some interesting tools you can use like the magnifier and narrator.
  • Start/Control Panel/Accessibility Options: You can configure your computer for such things as flashing the screen for alerts, displaying captions or using your keyboard as a mouse
Keyboard Shortcut
    • Window Key + u Magnifier and narrator
Mac OS x10:
  • System Preferences/Universal Access: In here you can configure your Mac computer to zoom to flash the screen for alerts, to use your keyboard (numeric pad) as a mouse and many other things.
Zooming Keyboard Shortcut
    • Apple + option + = Zooms In
    • Apple + option + - Zooms Out
    • Apple + option + 8 Turns Zoom On

Linux: This is a great link that describes many free open source project for accessibility that are written for Linux, UNIX and Windows. Linux/Unix Accessibility Software

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