Monday, September 25, 2006

Searching for Symptoms on the Web

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José was frantic. Charlie was visiting his daughter in Osaka so he decided to call Karl.

"Karl what am I to do? I am INFECTED!!!!!!!"

"Hello, um ahh, José?" Karl replied.

"Yes it's me. Listen I don't know what to do? I got this strange rash and I thought it may be tied to that E-Mail I got from my co-worker about the Ontario water being undrinkable.Anyway, I searched the symptoms on the web and ... KARL I HAVE WALOWALO INFECTION!!!!"

"José, now calm down. Which website did you get the information from?"

"Karl, it was"

"José, although your symptoms match, it doesn't mean you are infected. You have no idea how trustworthy this website is. I am pretty sure it was not written by a medical expert.

Book an appointment with your doctor and wait and see what he says."

Searching for symptoms on the web is pretty common. The internet is a huge resource of information. However, not all of the information is accurate. Just because it is on the web does not make it true.

Also, symptoms can apply to many ailments or diseases. Usually when you search online you get matches to the worst case scenarios which can cause anxiety. Just remember that any match you get from your search is only ONE possibility out of many. The best place to get a diagnosis is from your doctor.

Here are some websites that are well known and more reliable for searching symptoms, medications and other health related concerns. You can use these as a starting point before talking to your doctor.

Dr. Koop


Mayo Clinic

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