Saturday, March 24, 2007

Can't Read Word Documents? Use Word Viewer

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"Karl!" Charlie waved enthusiastically as he saw his friend enter Tim Horton's.

As Karl came over, Charlie asked, "Are you in or out?"

"Charlie, what are you talking about?", Karl replied perplexed.

"Didn't you get the document I emailed you about CĂ©line Dion?"

"Well I did, but there were no programs that could view it."

Charlie could not believe his ears. "Karl, you mean to tell me that Word is not on your computer?!? What do you use to write letters or documents?"

"Um (gulp)...wordpad?"

"Oh my gosh man, this is TERRIBLE!!!" Charlie knew that Karl was doomed.


Luckily, not having Word, Powerpoint or Excel on your computer is not the end of the world :).

If you want to read/print Word documents, then you can download for free Word Viewer from the Microsoft site. Microsoft also offers Powerpoint Viewer and Excel Viewer.

Next week we will talk about free alternative programs to Microsoft Word.

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