Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Computer: Freecycle, Ottawa Giveaway Day

Computer Coaching for Seniors Ottawa Canada

If you are looking for a computer, how about a used one? You don't need a powerful computer if all you are doing is going on the internet and reading your e-mail.

In fact, there is a chance you can get the computer for FREE. A lot of people are buying the latest computers and do not know what to do with their old ones.

Try asking family and friends, if they know someone who wants to give away their computer. You could also look in Ottawa Freecycle. This is a place where people post, kind of like a classified section in a newspaper, objects that they want to give away, like computers :). And if all else fails, then take advantage of Ottawa Giveaway Day Saturday June 23 2007. On this day people in Ottawa will leave on their curb objects they don't need anymore and anyone who wants it can pick it up. If you miss it this year, keep an eye out for it next year because this is a yearly event.

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