Monday, August 24, 2009

Twitter: Annoying but Maybe Useful

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Karl's cellphone beeped again. It was probably another tweet from Charlie. He missed him and the conversations he had with him in Ottawa, but to follow his dear mad friend on Twitter was, well, insanity. Karl received about 100 tweets a day from Charlie and they were either about a great computer sale or the latest scoop on CĂ©line Dion.

At this point, Karl really hated Twitter and as he entered the Toronto Metro Zoo and discovered that Dwayne the Shark was also on Twitter, he knew that the world was CRAZY.

Twitter, essentially, is a website ( that allows anyone to sign up and post simple and short messages about anything which are called Tweets. If your Tweets are interesting, then people will want to follow them. Tweets can range from being mundane to being useful like transit cancellations or weather updates and they can be transmitted to your phone as text messages.

Please note, Twitter does not do any verification on their users. This means anyone can assume any identity and their Tweets can be unreliable. So bear that in mind when you follow a particular user. Although, I think Dwayne the shark is on the up and up :).

Here are some interesting Twitter links

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