Friday, September 14, 2012

Communicating Medical Info to the Hard of Hearing

 My mom is hard of hearing. When  my mom has a doctor's appointment, I act as the doctor's translator. I translate his/her medical mumbling terminology to .. English :).

As I took my mom to the Herzig Eye Institute,   I was pretty much shocked when my services were not needed. My mom understood the doctor with little help from me.

Here are some of the techniques he used

1. Face to face: The doctor spoke directly to my mom.  For people who are hard of hearing, it is easier to understand someone when they speak face to face.

2. Enunciation: The doctor spoke loudly and clearly.  No mumbling :).

3. No Medical Jargon: The doctor spoke to my mom in words she could understand.

4. Pamphlets Pamphlets Pamphlets :  The doctor had written information about her condition. This is great for the patients' family who can not attend the appointment and for the patients themselves.

 The doctor at Herzig Eye used simple techniques that I think all doctors should consider. The hard of hearing population is on the rise and it is within their right to expect doctors to provide accessible care to them including effective communication.

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