Friday, January 25, 2013

The No Bend Computer Setup

Wires are ugly! Though we are wireless, we still cannot completely escape them.   They can be an accessibility nightmare for our poor parents if they ever need to bend down and unplug/plug one of the wires that slither and snake behind their computer system.

Here are some tips to help your parents and yourself  :) have an easier to reach, accessible computer connection

1. Any power bar should be on the table. Usually, they come with a switch. If your parents need to repower their computer system (including the modem) because of a stale internet connection, then they can use the on/off switch.

2. Label the wires  so it is easy for your parents to find which one they need to unplug. (Trust me, it will avoid some phone arguments ;) )

3. Label devices like the router. (this too will avoid phone arguments)

4. Show your parents how you connected their computer. You may have to show them a few times. This is a good time to see if your parents have any difficulty reaching things and where you can tweak the computer connection.

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