Thursday, July 06, 2006

Surfing in Public: Part 1 Wifi Hotspot

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Eastern Canada was beautiful and now you are at your last stop Montréal.

Charlie brought his notebook with him on the trip because he loves to surf the web whereever he goes. He heard that there were a few Wifi Hotspots in Montréal and he wanted to try them out.

Of course the first question that comes to your mind and most people's mind is "What is a Wifi Hotspot?"

Wifi is a means by which you can connect to the internet through a wireless signal. Your portable computer like your notebook or your handheld computer (PDA Personal Digital Assistant) needs a card to transmit and receive a Wifi signal but you also need a physical location that connects you to the internet . This location is called a "Hotspot". A Hotspot can send your wireless signals to the internet and return the responses back to your computer.

Some Wifi Hospots lets you surf for free and some require a membership which cost money.

In the next part we'll talk about the security issue while surfing in public.

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