Thursday, July 27, 2006

Accessibility: Browser for Blind or Low Vision

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The problem with a lot of webpages is that they are designed for people who can see. A person who is sighted has no problem surfing the internet because he/she can easily click with their mouse or read the area on a page that is interesting to them.

Someone who is blind or has problems seeing may use a screen reader to tell them what is on the webpage. However, because webpages are not a simple structure there are many links and objects he/she needs to bypass or Tab before he/she can get to the part they are interested in. This can be very frustrating.

I found one interesting text browser called Webbie. It is a windows only application which works with the Internet Explorer Browser.

What's nice about this program is the navigation. You can skip links to get to the next content. You can move up or down the text page using arrow keys. You can list links from a webpage and you can crop a page so that only content is displayed.

You can download Webbie here.

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