Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where is that file on my computer? Windows XP

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You took several pictures of the Rideau Canal but you don't remember where you saved it on the computer. You only remember it was named img something.

An easy way to find your files on Windows XP is to use the "Search tool". You can find it by clicking the "Start" button and then by clicking on "Search".

Once the "Search" window appears, you can choose which type of file you want to find (i.e. picture, word document) and then type in the name of the file.

For our example, you would search for Pictures and in the "file name edit box" you would enter img.

There is also an "advanced option" that will let you narrow the search to a specific folder. You can also specify whether you want the search to be case sensitive, if you want to search for files of a given size and if you want search for files that were modifed before, after or at a specific date.

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