Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Accessibility: Blind / Low Vision Accessible Websites

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In the previous blog, we talked about how a lot of websites are designed for people with vision. These websites pose a challenge for people who use screen readers to help them navigate on their computer.

However, there are ways to find websites that are more accessible than others.

One trick is to go to PDAPortal. This is a great starting point because it lists all the PDA-Friendly websites. A PDA is a handheld computer which has a very small screen and limited navigation. It is easier for these devices to view webpages that are simple in structure and therefore a PDA-Friendly webpage is ideal for someone using a screen reader because it will not have excessive links and will most likely be one column.

Another place is Accessible Google. Google just came out with this tool about a week or two ago that ranks search results based on their accessibility. Because this is a relatively new tool, its hard to say how effective the ranking will be. However, it is still worth trying.

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