Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why Can't I watch my DVD Movies on the CD Drive?

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You finally got your new computer. At last, you can watch all the Jet Li movies you want on your flat screen monitor.

But something is wrong .. very wrong. The DVD is in the CD drive but the movie does not play. You randomly click at any icon that points you to salvation but nothing seems to work. All you get are incomprehensible pop up messages. So you kick the computer and then curse and then kick it again, but no movie.

Exhausted and defeated you pick up the phone and speed dial Charlie.

"Hey Charlie, I need help on my computer."

"Sooo Karl, you need my expertise eh? HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

"Charlie, stop the melodrama. Why can't I watch DVD movies on my computer?"

"Karl, I thought your computer had a CD drive."

"Yeah so?"

"You can't play DVDs on a CD drive!"

"Why? DVDs and CDs look the same."

"Sorry Karl, that's the way it is. DVDs don't work on CD drives."


"No buts, Karl. It is what it is."
Although CDs and DVDs look the same, they are actually different. DVDs are able to store more information in a more compact way than a CD. So in order to read a DVD, a DVD drive uses a more precise, different laser than what a CD drive uses.

DVD drive - plays DVDs and CDs.
CD drive - plays only CDs.

For more details click on the following link:
How DVDS work.

Next week we will discuss CD burning.

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