Thursday, December 07, 2006

Avoiding Download Dangers

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Charlie was surfing the web when he stumbled upon an intriguing website.

It featured none other than the XtraSkrub 2000. By cleaning and fine tuning your hard drive, XtraSkrub 2000 guaranteed to improve your computer's performance FOR FREE.

This was an offer Charlie could not refuse and as he ran the newly-installed program, everything went blank. XtraSkrub 2000 erased his whole hard drive.

A small gasp came from Charlie's mouth as he sat on the edge of his seat staring at his computer in disbelief. The only thing that kept him from crying was that he backed up his files.

There are many great free programs available on the web. However, there are also many programs which can harm your computer like infecting it with a virus or even installing spyware.

Here are some ways to help avoid download dangers:

1. See if other people are using the program you want to download. In the case above, you could try googling "XtraSkrub 2000 review" to see if a large amount of people have been using this product and what their experience was. If you don't find enough information, then don't download.

2, Try to download programs from reputable sites like CNET. If the website is unfamiliar to you, then hold off downloading.

3. Make sure you always have an up to date virus scanner and spyware scanner running. They can identify most of the time if your download is dangerous.

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