Saturday, November 25, 2006

Let Relatives Fix your Computer Remotely

Computer Coaching for Seniors Ottawa, Canada

As you sip your double double at Tim Horton's, you see José dragging himself in carrying a very gloomy face.

"Hey José!! Over here!" you cry out to him.

"Oh hey Karl. Nice to see you."

"Why are you so glum?" you ask.

"My computer is on the fritz. I need to take it in to have it looked after, which means this will cost me lots of money," José replied deflated.

"Why not get your good for nothing software engineer son to look at it?"

"Because John doesn't live here in Ottawa. I have to explain my computer problem over the phone to him and he never understands me. So then I get frustrated, then he gets frustrated, then we both yell at each other, and then we hang up. And my poor computer would still be broken.

I figured it would be easier to skip all that and just get my computer fixed by some local professional."

"José, are you still able to connect to the internet?"

"Yeah, why?"

"There are programs out there that can allow John to connect to your computer via your internet connection. Therefore, you avoid any miscommunication because he can see for himself what problems you are having with your computer AND he can try and fix it. "


Here are a list programs that allow people that you trust (like your son/daughter) to remotely access your computer and help you fix it.

Logmein - Free


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zalfie said...

That would be nice if I ( an 80 year old)had a relative with computer knowledge I would ask him or her why out of the blue I lost my sound. Cables are connected properly and I changed speakers as well !! I am stumped!!