Saturday, January 06, 2007

Avoid Family Feuds through Scanning

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Normally when you come by to pick Vera up, she greets you with a warm welcoming smile, but today she acknowledges your presence with a grunt leaving you at the doorway confused.

"Well come in..." Vera shouts from the living room impatiently.

"What's wrong dear?" you ask timidly trying to think back to all your past actions that may have pitted Vera against you.

"Whats WRONG?!!! Do you not pay attention to anything I say?"

"Um uh.." you stumble on the words knowing that this will not end well.

"Karl, my sister Celine is coming over. I told you about her. She has the sticky fingers when it comes to pictures," Vera replies.

"S-sticky fingers?" you ask gingerly.

"She steals my pictures!! She pokes around the house looking for albums and pockets a whole page worth. We can't leave until I find a good hiding place for my albums," Vera replies flustered.

"Celine has a computer and an E-mail account?" you ask.

"Yes.. but why Karl?"

"Vera, I have at home something like a photocopier. It's called a scanner. You can use it to make a photocopy of your old pictures and store it on your computer. How about we photocopy or scan your old pictures and E-mail them to Celine? She may not need to steal ever again."


Scanning your old photos not only helps to preserve pictures but also gives you the opportunity to share them with your family.

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