Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Your Face Computer Lessons : Baycrest Terrace

I love teaching at Baycrest Terrace. They have an amazing computer lab. However, the lab is located  at the end of a long hallway far from the lobby where the residents socialise. It is intimidating for a lot of people to make that first step to learn computers and because the lessons are off the beaten path we weren't reaching these people.

Wi-Fi Thursday started when I noticed Baycrest Terrace had Wi-Fi in the lobby. The idea was for residents to come down to our booth with their notebooks and we would help them resolve  issues they may have with their computer. I would also bring an iPad and notebook for those who did not have a computer. Thanks to a very supportive Recreational Director, she put in the legwork to help get Wi-Fi Thursday up and running.

So far it has been a huge success. Residents are getting the help they need with their notebooks. We are also impacting seniors who have no computer exposure by showing them how to use the iPad. The transformation is quite remarkable. Within minutes, the most stringent computer self doubter is converted into a computer believer after navigating the iPad and being blown away at how easy it is.

I call this direct interaction In Your Face Computer Lessons. It has a great impact for our senior population and it can be easily set up in any retirement home or public/private community centres. Please contact 2JOUR at info at 2jour dot com for more details.

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