Sunday, June 03, 2012

Some things to Consider when Buying a Kindle Reader for your Parents

My student approached me during a computer class to help show her how to use a Kindle Reader. The version she showed me is shown below. It is a Kindle Basic that uses a 5 way Controller to navigate. There were some interesting points of usability from a seniors perspective that I wanted  to share.

Kindle Basic
Kindle with 5 button controller

Senior Usability Pros

  • The Kindle is ready out of the box. You do not need to connect the Kindle to a computer prior to use. It comes loaded with some books and a dictionary. The only thing you need to do is charge it. (Please note power adapter sold separately grrr )
  •  The price is affordable :)
  • The screen is readable. There is no apparent glare.  The text is sharp :).

Senior Usability Cons

  • Navigation on this Kindle can be challenging because of the Controller. The arrow buttons are very thin and may prove difficult if the person fingers are not flexible or rigid
  • The keyboard button is not very intuitive and requires the person to select letters using the Controller which can be difficult from the above reason.
  • My student was able to charge the Kindle. However, the connection from the Kindle to the USB plug is narrow and may prove difficult for unsteady hands.
  • Power Adapter sold seperately :(
  • Overall  interface not very intuitive
Kindle has many other versions to consider for your parents or grandparents like a touch screen. If it is possible, have your loved one try the e-reader first and see if it is usable to them.

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