Monday, November 06, 2006

Bluetooth? On Cell Phones?

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965 AD Jelling, Denmark

Haraald Bluetooth, the king of Denmark and the new King of Norway, sat next to the Jelling Runestone that honoured his mother and father. With a deep sigh he wondered, "Will people remember me after I am gone?"

Present Day, Ottawa Tim Hortons

"Bluetooth??? What's that?" You ask Charlie after he describes all the features of his new cell phone.

"Oh Karl, its the latest thing in phones," Charlie replied.

"OK Charlie, I still don't know what it does."

"Karl, I can't explain it to you. It is too complicated for you to understand."

"Sooo Charlie," you pause looking at him straight in the eyes, "you don't know either."

"Darn you Karl, you found my weakness!!!!!!!"

Bluetooth gives your cell phone the ability to transmit wirelessly to hands-free headphones or even to your hearing aid (if you have the proper accessory).

If your computer is able to transmit and receive Bluetooth signals, then you can also transfer pictures, video and other data stored on your cellphone to your computer. However, Bluetooth has a short range, so your phone and your computer have to be close in distance to transfer data between them.

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